About me

I recently started my PhD in the department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Groningen, under the supervision of Hedderik van Rijn, Jelmer Borst, and Florian Sense.

I obtained my master’s degree from the AI department at the University of Groningen.

I’m interested in using computational models to understand human cognition. I also like exploring how we can apply these models in the real world (e.g. as an AI opponent in a game or to help with vocabulary learning).

In my master’s thesis I modelled the effects of depressive rumination (a type of mind-wandering with a focus on negative thoughts) on working memory in a complex task. My supervisors were Marieke van Vugt and Niels Taatgen. In an earlier project we modified a model of mind-wandering to make it ruminate during a sustained attention task, which resulted in a journal publication.


2018–2022 PhD in Experimental Psychology, University of Groningen
2015–2018 MSc Human-Machine Communication, University of Groningen
2012–2015 BSc Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen


E-mail: [email protected]